Unaccompanied Trail VIII

Windy Hill (2020)
Woodblock print
Size: W 152cm x H 56cm
Editions: 5

This work, entitled ‘Unaccompanied Trail VIII’ was produced during my time at the Art Print Residence in Spain. At the time, I had just come from Venice in Italy and then arrived in Spain just as both countries became epicentres of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe. As the country locked down, I stayed in the studio of the residency situated in the mountain, Arenya de Munt, with the Mediterranean Sea in the distance.

While I was isolated in Spain, amid the crisis occurring across the world, I took comfort in the natural world around me, that seemed so peaceful and in stark contrast to the images I was seeing on the news, and the death I knew was occurring all over the world. This woodblock print on Korean mulberry paper is an abstract expression of my time in isolation in Spain, among the native wild grass, the Matolls, in the Catalan terrain. 

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