Moment Seized Me, I Seized the Moment XIII

Moment Seized Me, I Seized the Moment XIII (2022)
Woodblock print
Size: W 144cm x H 60cm
Editions: 5

This work is a visual representation of the meditative state one feels when completely immersed in the dense, green, otherwordly realm of the forest. It is an abstract impression of the beautiful yet foreboding wild bushland that is unique to Australia – with thick towering canopys that filter speckled light onto lush green foliage below. The artist emulates the colours and untamed designs found in the organic landscape, as a celebration of the original abstract artist: Mother Nature. The artist uses handmade brushes from all organic materials including natural fibers, leaves and sticks, to seek to emulate the sublime and unique designs that nature creates itself, in an ever-transformative state.

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