Australian Rhapsody III-2

Australian Rhapsody III-2 (2020)
Woodblock print
Size: W 75cm x H 141cm
Editions: 5

This woodblock print depicts heavy raindrops falling on the ground, which are a feature of the artist’s ‘Australian Rhapsody’. The heavy rain that falls in the summer time is so relentless and powerful, it often feels like it will never end. The work shows how all-encompassing the monsoonal Australian rain is, and although it is a visual medium, the work¬†conveys the loud, rhythmic drumming sound this heavy rainfall brings. The artist created the first version of this work during an art residency in Italy in 2020, shortly after bushfires in Australia that were followed shortly by floods. When the artist was forced to return to Australia as the pandemic struck Europe, she created this large version of the work as she reflected further on the distinctive Australian rainfall.

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