Riots of Spring

Riots of Spring (2020)
Woodblock print
Seong Cho
Size: W 145cm x H 70cm
Price: AUD $2,000
Description: Woodblock print. Hand printed using a barren on Korean mulberry paper.
Editions: 5

This work is an abstract expression of the struggle and conflict between human beings and nature. It is a reflection on the the global chaos at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic – at the time the artist was in the Spanish countryside attending an artist residency, surrounded by the colourful spring landscape, but also the silent yet deafening spread of the coronavirus and shutdown of the country.

The title of this work is a play on the title of the musical work, “The Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky, and represents the ‘riot‘ of humanity against the terror of a new and unknown threat, which was juxtaposed against the beauty of the natural world in spring, with new flowers and green shoots bursting from the earth. The colours and dramatic lines in this print capture the dissonant reality of that time.

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