Unaccompanied Trail X

Unaccompanied Trail X (2021)
Woodblock print
Size: W 144cm x H 60cm
Editions: 4

This work depicts the shadows cast by tall trees that are reflected on the surface of a deep lake. The strong black lines cutting through the grey background symbolise the strength, age and dignity of the trees, which survive through all the elements. It also reflects the twists and turns of life’s journeys, which we all must take, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The work invites the viewer to appreciate their innate human connection with nature, and reflect on their own journeys. It is also a celebration of the sublime, abstract and unique designs that nature creates, in an ever-transformative state. 

The work is created using brushes made by the artist from all organic materials including sticks, leaves and natural fibres drawn from the environment. The designs are carved onto wood and hand printed onto Korean mulberry paper, which reflect the artist’s cultural heritage. 

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