Unaccompanied Trail VII

Unaccompanied Trail VII (2020)
Woodblock print
Size: W 145cm x H 60cm
Editions: 5

This work is an abstract expression of sunset reflected on the water in the canals of the ancient city of Venice, Italy. This work was produced during the artist’s residency at the Scoula Internationale Grafica in early 2020. The combination of orange and blue pigments express the sunset on the water, the glimmering rays of golden sun reflecting off the old terracotta brick buildings and dancing over rippling water. This is expressed in the intermingling of the colours and lines in this woodblock print. The flowing, feathered lines and shapes express the constant movement of the city, combining the built and natural world. It also reflects the transience of life and light, where one can admire a sunset and in mere minutes it has disappeared, but that we can capture these moments in the form of memory and through art.

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