Windy Hill

Windy Hill (2020)
Woodblock print
Size: W 238cm x H 107cm
Editions: 2

Included in Burnie Print Prize 2021 and Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award 2021.

This work is an abstract expression of the movement of wind through the air and natural landscape. The artist produced this work during her time at an art print residency in Spain in March 2020, while in isolation at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe. Seong Cho was inspired by the strong spring winds as they moved through the grass and over the hills of Catalonia.
The abstract shapes and lines in this work are also a metaphorical representation of life’s journey, where we are often swept up in events, ideas and experiences that are beyond our control, as if we are a leaf being blown along by the wind. Sometimes the metaphorical winds of life may take us to beautiful places, sometimes to dark crevasses or perhaps beyond the clouds, but the unexpected journey is what makes life worthwhile. 

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